Discover CMS Technology

What is MCS technology?


MCS (muscle containment stamping) is a revolutionary
fabric system that traces over key muscle, tendon and
fascia groups to support major muscles against fatigue
And strain during intensive exercise.
MCS “stamping” assets performance by providing greater
compression power by wrapping precise areas of the limb
to reduce muscle movement and damage.

This advance engineering provides greater compression power
without excessive bulk.

The stamping is its own layer, additional to the PWX fabric but
not within it, and can be applied precisely where needed to
support muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia groups.
Targeted Muscle Support reduces muscle oscillation and
micro tears by stabilising muscles.

Improved Performance due the reduction of muscle fatigue
that promotes a greater power output.

Reduced Fatigue + Faster Recovery as graduated compression
increases blood flow and reduces blood lactate.
What is the difference between MCS Compression and all the other compression?

If you compare MCS Compression garments with our core compression range, the key
difference is the mmHg rating; the level of compression applied to the body.
The maximum amount of compression exerted while wearing our MCS garments applied
correctly to the body, the greater the increase in blood
flow. Such an increase in blood flow has been found to enhance performance and accelerate recovery. The other key
difference is the muscle containment stamping.
The muscle mapping provides targeted support to key muscle groups and is only available
in our MCS Compression range.

Why are there different MCS products for different sports and activities?

Sports specific MCS garments provide targeted support to the specific muscle groups
that endure the maximum impact during specific activities.
For example, our MCS Run Compression Tights have targeted support in the quads and
calves where most of the muscle oscillation and damage during running occurs. Whereas,
our MCS Training Tights deliver targeted support to the glutes, quads, hamstrings and
calves, all areas used during a typical gym or training session.

Why is MCS Compression more expensive?

Not only do our MCS garments include premium features such as additional pockets,
bonded waistbands, and bonded hems, but the MCS stamping technology is technically
difficult to create and apply. For the reasons, these garments are priced above our core
compression garments.

Can I buy MCS Compression from other companies?
MCS Compression technology can only be found at 2XU, there is nothing else on the
market that compares.