Why we are #1


Graduated compression exerts the greater degree of compression at the ankle or wrist depending on the garment type), and the level of compression gradually decreased up the garment.

The pressure gradient ensures that blood flows upward towards the heart instead of refluxing say downward to the foot or laterally into the superficial veins.

Not all compression garments have graduated compression, and unlike competitors, 2XU compression has a controlled graduation profile to increase blood flow, reduce blood lactate and increase lymphatic drainage.

We rigorously test our fabrics using state of art techniques and equipment to ensure our garments can sustain the
demands of sport.

Quality is guaranteed with testing at each key stage of development and production is conducted using te medically certified Salzmann device. The Salzmann testing apparatus is internationally recognised as the most technically accurate device for compression measurement and is used by 2XU to ensure the correct mmHg pressure rating is achieved across all graduated compression garments.

2XU garments are backed by almost a decade of research from the world renowned Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and RMIT University. Extensive pre production wear testing is conducted by our sporting partners like USAT; as well as our athlete, ambassador and staff networks.